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My saved articles

The 'My saved articles' feature allows you to build a list of articles and reports held by SCOTBIS. To add items to your list use the 'Save and request later' button when you are browsing a resource listing. You can then either:

This feature uses cookies to store your list of resources. If you use a shared computer (in an internet café, for example) your list will not be available when you access SCOTBIS from another computer.

Copyright and fees

The 'Request photocopies' service is subject to copyright restrictions and we will charge a minimum fee of £6.30 + copyright fees + postage (and VAT where applicable). Copyright fees are not applied when articles are requested for educational purposes. Once you have sent a request you will receive a full statement of how copyright restrictions will affect the information we can supply and a full costing.


As you are not logged in, this feature will use cookies to store your list of articles. This means that your list will only be available on this computer.

If you already have an NLS password, please log in now to create a list you can access on any computer just by logging in again. If you do not have an NLS password, please register to get one.

You have no saved articles.